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San Bernardino Road Hazard Accidents

As drivers, we’ve all encountered situations where we’ve had to swiftly maneuver our vehicles around debris either on the side of a lane or directly in the roadway, or have had to come to a sudden stop for an unexpected animal crossing our path. While these occurrences may sometimes feel like routine inconveniences, especially in certain areas, it’s important to recognize the potential dangers they can pose. Road hazard accidents in San Bernardino can have severe consequences, and, unfortunately, even fatalities. Therefore, remaining vigilant and exercising caution when driving on the roads is important to maintain both our safety and that of others sharing the road with us.

After being involved in a road hazard accident in San Bernardino, drivers often find themselves grappling with the financial consequences, feeling the weight of the expenses without knowing who to claim compensation from. Unlike collisions involving other vehicles where fault or negligence can be assigned, road hazards like debris are tricky scenarios. This leaves many drivers questioning who is responsible for road debris damage. Without a clear culprit to hold accountable for damages or injuries, individuals are left to handle repair bills, medical expenses, and other financial burdens on their own. This only further exacerbates the already stressful aftermath of an accident. It also raises the question: Do you need comprehensive coverage in California?

Common Road Hazards In San Bernardino

Whether commuting to work, traveling to events, or simply running errands, drivers can encounter a variety of common road hazards while driving their vehicles. Recognizing and anticipating road hazards is important for all drivers to mitigate risks and arrive at their destinations safely.

Debris In The Roadway

Debris in lanes is a common and dangerous road hazard, capable of triggering catastrophic accidents when vehicles collide with them at high speeds. Motorists often attempt to evade such obstacles by swerving around them, which can inadvertently cause collisions with other vehicles or stationary objects. These types of debris can come from anywhere, ranging from natural occurrences like wind blowing branches, rocks, or fallen trees into the road to man-made elements such as:

  • Tires
  • Car parts
  • Light poles
  • Traffic signs
  • Road signs
  • Broken glass
  • Road kill

Various factors can contribute to the accumulation of debris on roadways, including weather events, objects falling out of vehicles, and remnants from construction sites. The presence of such debris highlights the importance of vigilance and exercising caution for drivers, as navigating roads with potential hazards demands heightened attention and proactive measurements to avoid them safely.

Poorly Maintained Or Damaged Roads

California grapples with the pressing issue of poorly maintained roads, which significantly heightens the risk of accidents for drivers. In fact, a new study has determined that California has some of the worst roads in the nation. As roads degrade over time, especially since they are constantly exposed to adverse weather conditions or heavy traffic, cracks and potholes form, posing serious hazards to motorists, as well as motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. These potholes or wide and uneven cracks not only threaten to damage vehicles but also jeopardize steering and suspension systems. They can also potentially lead to blown tires, head-on collisions, and even rollover accidents.

Moreover, the presence of defective traffic signals, faded road markers, poorly maintained signs, and missing guardrails increases the risks for drivers operating vehicles on unmaintained roadways. These hazardous road conditions contribute to a myriad of accidents, including those caused by confusing signage, sudden evasive maneuvers, compromised clear zones, and inadequate signaling. These road hazard accidents highlight the importance of the maintenance and repair of roads to mitigate these risks and increase road safety for all.

Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zones present significant road hazards in cities like San Bernardino, with various factors contributing to the cause of accidents. The presence of various factors can increase the risk for motorists traveling through construction zones, including:

  • Confusing signage
  • Lane restrictions
  • Moving equipment
  • Traffic cones
  • Construction workers

Rear-end collisions are common in these areas due to reduced speed limits catching unwary drivers off guard. Speeding and reckless driving further increase the risks, as drivers may attempt to navigate narrowed lanes by driving on the shoulder or speeding through the construction site. This only endangers themselves and others on the road away from them. Accidents involving heavy equipment and work crews can also result in severe injuries or fatalities.

Who Is Responsible For Road Debris Damage?

Determining responsibility for road debris that leads to accidents in San Bernardino is determined based on various factors, including:

  • The nature of the debris
  • How it ended up on the road
  • How long the debris has been on the road

Typically, the party responsible for road debris that caused an accident may be those who:

  • Dumped the debris
  • Failed to secure their cargo, resulting in items falling onto the road
  • Neglected to clean up debris they were legally obligated to remove to maintain road safety.

According to California Vehicle Code 23113, individuals who deposit material onto highways or streets are legally required to remove it immediately. Liability for road hazard accidents may fall on contractors and government agencies that are responsible for the construction zones or maintaining roadways if proper warning signs and precautionary measures are not clearly implemented. Negligent parties may encompass a range of entities, including:

  • Public entities such as the federal government, state, city, or public agencies
  • Private businesses like landscapers and construction companies

How A San Bernardino Car Accident Attorney Near You Can Help

Navigating the events after a road hazard accident in San Bernardino can be troubling to deal with, especially when it comes to determining liability and seeking compensation for the damages incurred. In such cases, seeking the support and guidance of a seasoned San Bernardino car accident attorney can be invaluable. These legal professionals possess the knowledge and resources necessary to thoroughly investigate the accident, obtaining the San Bernardino police report or CHP accident report, as well as pinpoint responsible parties and build a compelling case on behalf of those injured. By advocating for their client’s rights and pursuing appropriate legal action, A San Bernardino car accident lawyer will strive to secure the compensation and justice they deserve. Contact Gold Firm for a confidential, no obligation consultation for a road debris accident in San Bernardino.