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Truck accidents are a far more prevalent and deadly occurrence in California than many drivers might realize. Recent statistics highlight just how often truck accidents occur within the state, with data from the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts revealing that in 2022 alone, truck accidents unfortunately took the lives of 436 individuals in the state. Shockingly, in California, 7% of all large trucks, semis, and tractor trailers were involved in fatal crashes, highlighting the substantial risk these vehicles pose to other drivers on the roads. San Bernardino, despite what drivers might think, is not exempt from these concerning trends. According to, in 2023, there were a staggering 13,603 truck accidents recorded in California, including in San Bernardino. The high number of accidents contributes a significant portion to the nationwide total of 168,000 truck accidents. These numbers serve as a grim reminder of the potential consequences of truck accidents, not only in terms of lives lost and severe injuries, but also in the profound impact they can have on communities and families.

At the Gold Firm, our team of truck accident lawyers understands all too well the life-altering consequences that can be caused by truck accidents in San Bernardino. We’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating toll these types of accidents can have on individuals and families, from severe injuries to emotional trauma, financial strain, and even the loss of a loved one. That’s why we’re here to offer our legal services and guidance to support you during what can be an incredibly challenging time. Our priority is to ensure that you fully understand your rights and options for seeking compensation, allowing you to focus on your recovery while we advocate fiercely on your behalf. We’re committed to fighting for the compensation you deserve after being injured or losing a loved one after a San Bernardino truck accident, striving to secure the justice and financial relief you need to move forward with your life.

Causes of Truck Accidents in California

While the causes of truck accidents in San Bernardino can vary widely, certain factors are more frequently seen than others. Understanding the common causes of truck accidents is essential for developing effective defensive driving strategies to prevent truck accidents and ensure accountability for those responsible.

  • Driver Fatigue – Unfortunately, it is common for commercial truck drivers to exceed legally permitted driving time limits that are set in stone by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Exceeding drive time limits often leads to fatigue and an increases the risk of accidents.
  • Equipment Failure – Equipment failure, including vehicle system malfunctions or cargo shifting, can result in the loss of control of the vehicle, which can contribute to truck accidents. Loss of brakes or blown out tires is also a common type of equipment failure and can lead to dangerous and life-threatening accidents on California’s roadways.
  • Speeding – Excessive speed, especially on roads with higher speed limits, significantly raises the likelihood of large commercial truck accidents. When truck drivers are rushing to get their cargo from one place to another and exceeds the speed limit, they are putting everyone on the road around them at risk.
  • Failing to Adjust Driving to Road and Weather Conditions – Neglecting to adapt driving behavior to changing road and weather conditions can also increase the risk of accidents, especially on roadways where there are curves or one lane travelling both directions.
  • Failing to Maintain Trucks to a Quality Standard – Inadequate maintenance of trucks can lead to mechanical issues, which increases the likelihood of accidents due to vehicle malfunction. The FMCSA requires regular maintenance and checks in order to catch any malfunctions or issues before they put others on the road at risk. This is crucial to ensuring vehicle safety and reducing accident risk.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

In San Bernardino truck accidents, the range of potential injuries is vast, and can include a wide range of injury types. However, the sheer force of accidents that involve large commercial vehicles often lead to more severe injuries. From physical injuries to emotional trauma, the aftermath of truck accidents and head-on accidents can be overwhelming and require comprehensive legal support and advocacy.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic brain injuries are a common yet particularly severe outcome of truck accidents. These injuries are typically classified in terms of severity, ranging from mild concussions to severe conditions that include impaired cognitive function or even comatose states. The impact of such injuries extends far beyond physical manifestations, often leading to changes in long term emotional distress, and psychological challenges for both the affected individual and their loved ones. Given the complexity and long-term implications of traumatic brain injuries caused by truck accidents in San Bernardino, seeking experienced legal guidance from a truck accident lawyer at the Gold Firm is crucial to navigate the intricacies of seeking compensation and support.

Back & Neck Injuries

Truck accidents in San Bernardino frequently result in neck and back injuries caused by the force of the accident, which can range from minor discomfort to severe conditions such as ruptured discs in the spine. Given the critical role that the spine and neck play in daily movements and proper functions, these injuries often have profound consequences. In truck accidents, neck and back injures can prevent victims from returning to work and engaging in their usual activities. Whether it’s experiencing persistent neck pain due to an extreme case of whiplash or grappling with debilitating spinal issues, the impact of these injuries highlights the importance of seeking proper medical attention and legal guidance from a San Bernardino truck accident lawyer to assist in recovery of both your health and financial compensation.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are unfortunately a common consequence of San Bernardino truck accidents, particularly when flammable cargo is involved. Trucks transporting hazardous materials like gasoline or petroleum products pose a significant risk of injury, as any collision could lead to fires or explosions that often cause devastating outcomes. However, even in accidents where such materials aren’t present, fires can still erupt due to the impact force. The resulting burn injuries can range from physical scarring to profound mental anguish such as PTSD, underscoring the gravity of truck accidents and the urgent need for legal assistance and emotional support for those affected.

Internal Injuries

Due to the high intensity and sheer force of truck accidents in San Bernardino, they frequently result in internal injuries, which pose significant challenges for victims and medical professionals alike. The powerful blunt trauma generated by these types of crashes can lead to internal bleeding and damage to organs such as the:

  • Bladder
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Pancreas
  • Spleen
  • Heart

These types of internal injuries make treatment exceptionally complex, and often require emergency surgery to repair. Additionally, lacerations sustained in these accidents can cause excruciating pain and often result in extensive scarring that may never go away. Internal injuries to the ribs and torso from truck crashes can be particularly severe as well, given the protective role of the rib cage in safeguarding vital organs. Even safety measures like seat belts, while crucial for protection, can sometimes cause significant injuries such as whiplash, which further complicate the aftermath of these traumatic incidents.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in San Bernardino

After being involved in a truck accident in San Bernardino, it’s important to take certain protective steps to safeguard your right to compensation, and ensure you are keeping your health a top priority. Acting promptly and appropriately can significantly impact the outcome of any potential legal claim you make to receive compensation for injuries and property damage, and ensure that you receive the support and reparation you deserve.
  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention – After being involved in a truck accident, even if symptoms of injuries are not immediately apparent, seeking medical attention promptly is the most important step. Sometimes symptoms of injuries can be masked due to adrenaline, and they won’t present themselves until later. Being examined by the paramedic on scene, or seeking emergency medical treatment, is an important to protecting your health and preserving your claim for compensation.
  2. Gather Information from Other Parties – Make sure to gather essential details pertaining to the accident from all involved parties, including their:
    • Contact information
    • Insurance provider
    • Policy number
    • Any witnesses’ names and phone numbers
    This information will be an important part of insurance claims and legal proceedings.
  3. Document the Accident Scene – Take photos and videos of the accident scene, making sure to capture details such as:
    • Vehicle damage
    • Road conditions
    • Any relevant signage or traffic signals
    These visual forms of evidence serve as compelling proof for insurance claims and legal proceedings.
  4. Document Your Injuries – Make sure to capture photos and videos of your injuries that are clear and detailed. Documenting any visible bruising, cuts, or swelling resulting from the accident will help to substantiate your claims to compensation for your injuries. Visual evidence strengthens the case, particularly if it goes to trial.
  5. Contact Law Enforcement – Promptly notify the police and remain at the scene. If the accident is minor and there are no serious injuries, you can call San Bernardino non emergency line at 909-384-5742, however if there are significant or life threatening injuries, you must call 911 immediately. By contacting the police, you are ensuring everyone’s safety and legal compliance. The police report that is generated from them responding to the scene will provide an objective account of the accident, and can be used to support your claims with essential details and evidence. Learn more about:

  6. Consult a Truck Accident Lawyer – Seeking guidance from a knowledgeable California truck accident lawyer at the Gold Firm will provide you with assistance in:
    • Collecting evidence
    • Building a solid case
    • Pursuing fair compensation for your losses, including:
      • Vehicle repairs
      • Medical expenses
      • Lost wages
      • Pain and suffering
    A San Bernardino truck accident lawyer from our will have the legal knowledge and experience that is invaluable in navigating the complexities of truck accident claims and advocating for your rights effectively.

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